Our Neighborhood

Metro North Train, Marguerite Carnell Seaside Park Beach & City, Chris Jennette PSEG Coal Plant, Marguerite Carnell PSEG Coal Pile, Chris Jennette Historic Silent Pictures, 1917, Marguerite Carnell Freeman House Block, Marguerite Carnell Spanish Restaurant, Peter Kumble Historic Seaside Institute, Richardson Romanesque, 1887, Marguerite Carnell Historic Bishop Cottages, 1880 & 1881, Peter Kumble Historic Pallisers, Victorian Gothic, 1882, Brian Giggey and Deb Zervas Historic Queen Anne Row Houses, c.1888, Peter Kumble Historic Warner Brothers Corset Factory, Chris Jennette Historic Warner Brothers Corset Factory, Brian Giggey Seaside Park, Chris Jennette Spanish American War Monument, Seaside Park, Marguerite Carnell Seaside Park, Chris Jannette Seaside Park, Peter Kumble		Historic Seaside Village Virginia-inspired Colonial Revival, 1918-1919, Marguerite Carnell	Historic Queen Anne-Style “French Flat” Apartment House, 1889, Marguerite Carnell Warnaco Corporate Headquarter Mid-Century Modern, & Cathedral of Praise, Maisa Tisdale Historic Walter’s AME Zion Church, 1882 (1835 foundation), Marguerite Carnell Window, Historic Walter’s AME Zion Church, 1882, Chris Jennette

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