Our Activities: founded to…

Photographer Chefren Gray & Son


Conduct public programs that broaden the audience, understanding, and appreciation of African American history and significant historic places.


Develop teachers’ workshops, texts, and curricula rooted in the unique history of the Freeman Houses and Bridgeport, Connecticut’s historic South End.


Engage in projects and activities that advance the goals of historic preservation while providing the community with expanded employment, job training, affordable housing, and economic opportunities.


Facilitate and play a leadership role in the acquisition, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of African-American landmarks and/or buildings eligible for historic designation.


Honor the Freeman Sisters by conducting scholarly research, educational outreach, and seminars about the socio-economic history of women and people of color in the Greater Bridgeport area.


Honor the Freeman Sisters by encouraging initiatives and achievements in areas related to financial services for women, including financial education.


Convene stakeholders and collaborate around shared social, cultural, and development issues.